The Cure for Love: a novel

The Cure for Love

The Cure for Love: a novel about life's most sublime affliction

Dr. Jack Cochran ascended to the ranks of celebrity shrink on the wings of his best seller Winning at the Game of Love, a slim book of easy to understand strategies for triumphing at life’s hardest game.

Two years after he dominated the best seller list, the doctor is living alone in a guest house on a Santa Monica Mountain estate, feeling like a fraud because of the disastrous failure of his own marriage to the beautiful and troubled Alexandra. This loss has taught him that love is not the simple matter that his book claims it to be and this realization tortures him. He finds solace in the easy pleasures of Leonard Cohen songs, Johnny Walker Red and uncomplicated sex with his willing landlady Julia, herself a refugee from the ravages of failed love.

This is the setting for the appearance of Andrew, a patient who comes to see Dr. Cochran because he is dedicated to succeeding with his fiancee who has presented many challenges to him. At first, Jack is put off by this earnest man who is so intent on staying the course and who challenges his reductive ideas about love. After some difficult sessions, Jack realizes that he is envious of Andrew for persevering in making love work in a relationship with a complex woman, something he failed to do. He decides to dedicate himself to helping Andrew to realize the “simple ecology” of love, aware that he is doing so as a form of repentance for his own failure.

The first rule of psychotherapy is to do no harm and the decision that Jack makes to help Andrew would seem to be in support of this. But soon, Jack discovers that this is not the case as some shocking information about Andrew’s relationship is revealed. This turn of events changes everything, hurtling Jack into an ethically murky journey that results in tragedy, a deeper understanding of what love truly requires, and ultimately, redemption.

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Kirkus Reviews: "An intense psychological dissection of love... Seabaugh is a skillful writer, and readers are likely to empathize with Jack's decisions, good and bad."

Dr. Jennifer Freed, author of The Ultimate Personality Guide and Lessons from Stanley the Cat: "The Cure for Love is a mystery, a complex and compelling tale, and a revelatory read about the human heart. Dr. Michael Seabaugh writes elegantly and accessibly about the most essential journey of our lives, the quest for authentic connection."

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