Healthy Attitudes

Living with Uncertainty

It is the first of the new year, and I, like many of my optimistic fellow Americans, have a need to arm myself with resolutions; it helps us meet the uncertainty of the new year if we feel resolved to do something to improve our lots in life. Certainty is certainly reassuring. And in these uncertain times, dogma and confident, resolute leaders can be very attractive.

Bouncing Back

When life goes south, why do some grin and bear it and emerge with greater wisdom, while others scream for their mommies as they are being led away?

How Not to be a Victim

We all know them. And, truth be told, we have even felt like one every now and then.

In Praise of an Imperfect Memory

As the old observation goes: Today’s sorrow, plus time passing, equals tomorrow’s comedy. Memory can be kind in that way. Today we cry, tomorrow we laugh.

How to Know if You Are Getting Old

 I saw on television the other day that a local organization is providing free meals for seniors in Santa Barbara. I have even heard that they are wonderful gourmet meals. I was happy for our seniors that they have this lovely service. And then it was announced that this was a service for those who were 60 and over. As someone who is dangerously close to that watermark of aging, I was shocked and awed. Since when did 60 become the new 75?

It's the Simple Life for Me

As the Days of Our Lives get shorter, I find myself seized by a strange new obsession: Simplicity. I don’t think I am alone. A landscaper told me his older clients are always asking him to cut down their trees. Why? Because they want less to deal with. I notice more and more women, as they get older, looking like they get their flagrantly gray hair cut at a barbershop. I actually had the cheek to ask one such woman why the butch haircut. Her answer? It’s simpler.

Long Time Passing

Last week I was sitting comfortably at a sidewalk café on lower State Street talking with a fellow Boomer when a small ragtag band of war protesters came marching down the street, singing “Give Peace a Chance.” The median age appeared to be around 65 and their collective fashion sense was mired somewhere in the late 1960s.
I sniggered to my friend: “This is what it has come to.”

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