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Eating French

Having recently spent a month in France, I have come to the conclusion that the French are sneaky. They eat three-course meals with gorgeous sauces, drink red wine constantly, have no apparent shame availing themselves of those sinful French pastries, pâté, and cheeses, and yet still remain — by American standards — thin.

Beware of Fat Friends

We’ve always heard that we are what we eat. But now, it seems, we are whom we eat with.

In Love with a Nutty Tart

I just love it when the foods I crave turn out to be health foods. Red wine was my first thrill in this regard, but since I don't crave wheat grass or alfalfa sprouts, discovering that the dried tart cherries I crave are a health powerhouse makes me have happy feet.

Losing It

I’m saying it out loud. This is the year I will lose those pesky 10 pounds--Okay, so now it’s up to 15--  I have been ranting and raving about ever since middle age took control of my middle section. When you see me five months from now, I will look like I did when I moved to California in 1970 (but with a few more wrinkles and without the luxurious shag haircut).

Omega Threes are the Bomb

If it seems too good to be true, it usually is. At least that was the common sense I was taught back in America's heartland.
But if I had told my heartland physician father that there was something you could put into the body that could wrestle autism, heart disease and irritable bowel syndrome to the ground, he would surely assume I had moved way too far away from home, let alone from any good sense.

Fed Up With the Diet Wars?

In last week's column, I cheekily proclaimed that it is safe to love carbs again. As predicted, I heard from my share of Atkins adherents who were belligerently holding down the fort for their high protein/low carb diet. This latest diet war is not unique. I'm sure some of you remember the good ol' days when the macrobiotic folks went up against the Drinking Man who claimed his own official diet.

It's Safe to Love Carbs Again

  I was brought up with the wonder of Wonder Bread, that deliciously sweet confection known as white bread. It was fortified with all kinds of -- well, who knows what exactly -- but it is what good mothers gave their growing children back in the '50s.
Fast forward.

A Miracle Herb: Green Tea

What if I told you I could give you something that would help prevent cancer, keep you thin and cure bad breath? It would cost you as little as 20 cents a dose, and it is totally legal.
No, I haven't gone to the dark side and started hawking snake oil. Nor have I become suddenly brilliant and eligible for the Nobel Prize. You can be brilliantly healthy yourself as easily as visiting your corner grocery store and purchasing a cute little box of Camellia sinensis: common green tea.

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