Emotional Health

Living with Uncertainty

It is the first of the new year, and I, like many of my optimistic fellow Americans, have a need to arm myself with resolutions; it helps us meet the uncertainty of the new year if we feel resolved to do something to improve our lots in life. Certainty is certainly reassuring. And in these uncertain times, dogma and confident, resolute leaders can be very attractive.

Living in the Age of Self-disclosure

This is a weird world we live in. Britney’s VaJayJay (Hey, Oprah can say it, so why can’t I?) is displayed all over the Internet. And apparently, her mother has the chutzpah to write a book on parenting. And if I want to know about Stephanie’s philosophy of life — she is 19 and from Atlanta (“Men may wear the pants, but I control the zipper”) — all I have to do is become her “friend” on MySpace, and it all will be revealed.

The Gift of Anger

If there is one thing that plagues us mortals on the psychological front, it is the human emotion of anger. Too often, we want to flee from the Red-Eyed Monster, or wrestle him to the ground. Both strategies only leave him strutting about like a puffed-up, flight-suited George W. declaring victory in a never-ending war.

How Not to be a Victim

We all know them. And, truth be told, we have even felt like one every now and then.

Men and Depression

We all know women like chocolate and a good gabfest while men prefer a cold beer and a good video game. Okay, so that’s a cheesy generalization, but it does soften you up for today’s hard topic: Men are different than women when it comes to depression. Brain imaging studies show women recall emotionally laden experiences more vividly and intensely than men.

Greeting the Dawn

Like many who return home from a vacation, Celia had lost that stressed-out, furrowed-brow pallor of modern life. Her natural merry smile was back.
 I figured a week back in the land of cell phones and bumper-to-bumper traffic would leech that sunlight right out of her face.

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