The Latest Greatest Longevity Pill

Recently, I have been reporting on “Longevity Factors,” those lifestyle changes that have been proven to extend our lifespan. They all require effort, which most of us in our modern determined health-conscious ways are willing to expend. (Really, how hard is it to remember to wear sunscreen every day — even when it is cloudy — or have a daily bowel movement?)

Living to 94.8: Sixteen ways to live longer

Recently a psychic told me that I was in my "last life." That sounded sort of ominous to me but she assured me that was a good thing. "Enjoy!" she exhorted merrily.
I still don't know what to do with that information. What has been more helpful to me is a recent test I took which calculated that I would live to the ripe old age of 94.8.
Now that was helpful. At least now I know that my financial planning for retirement is truly a joke.

Living Long in the Land of Cha Cha Cha

I recently reported on those yogurt (actually matsoni) eating Abkhazians and their "long-living" ways. A little song, some nuts, and, most importantly, a respect for aging... all having powerful effects on living the long life back in old Southern Russia. But these plucky folks aren't the only ones that are winning the long-life lottery.

Exercising for Longevity

Recently a colleague of mine told me that he discovered his 82-year-old mother had joined a gym and hired a personal trainer. He was appalled.
"When I called her last week, she told me she didn't have time to talk; she had to get to the gym to 'pump iron.' "

Age Related Hearing Loss

I used to snigger quietly and with a slight air of superiority whenever I would hear a "cute senior" loudly ask their companion in the movie theater, "What did they say?" Then just last week, my friend Paul, who is two years younger than I, turned to me in one of those same theaters and loudly asked: "What did he just say?"
Paul, it seems, is apparently an early victim of "presbycusis."
"Say what?" is what I imagine Paul will say when I lay this one on him.

Lack of Sleep: Another Mystery of Aging

I am always interested in solving the mysteries of aging. Last week I tried to get a handle on the Mystery of Migrating Pain. This week, I am determined to do the same with another mystery: Why can't I -- a relatively healthy and clean-living man on the shady side of 50 -- get a decent night's sleep?

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