Beware of Fat Friends

We’ve always heard that we are what we eat. But now, it seems, we are whom we eat with.

Gabby Women, Silent Men

Here’s a question for you: Why do men enjoy oral sex with their wives? In a large-scale survey on that very subject, 15 percent of the men polled responded that they enjoy the sensation; 85 percent of the men said they enjoy the quiet.

The Making of a Conscious Relationship

  Relationships are funny things. They torment us, they make us say and do things we never thought we could do. They can make us feel sullen on a sunny day and often energize our fantasies in ways we can’t talk about in polite society. Yet everyone I know wants one.

Going for the Long Valentine

Love is one thing when you are first taking the plunge. It is quite another when you are midstream, and yet something altogether different when you are reaching the other shore. While Mr. Hallmark continues to make his fortune pandering to those who are gleefully jumping in, I toil on the banks, trying to help those already well down the river; the ones who are floundering a bit with fatigue, treading water, or fantasizing about bailing.

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