About My Clinical Practice

About My Clinical Practice

Dr. Michael O.L. Seabaugh (PSY 10200):

I have a general adult practice, specializing in the treatment mood disorders (depression, anxiety spectrum), personality disorders and addictions. A particular focus of my practice has been in relationship counseling: marital, couples (both gay and straight), and other relationship constellations such as adult siblings. I also have done quite a bit of work with difficult adult developmental transitions; such as mid-life crises, college and post-college to adult responsibility, coupled to single, career changes.

I am often asked what my theoretical orientation is; a valid question for someone working in a field where there is no agreed upon validated scientific paradigm. I have been well schooled in Jungian, Psychodynamic, Cognitive-Behavioral models, as well as my original training (from my doctoral program at USC) in the Humanistic-Existential method. I am always open to being creative in my approach: Employing other modalities such as Mindfulness Training, Life Planning, Communication Skill Training, and other adjunctive health therapies where needed. If I have learned anything from my 30 years of work as a psychologist, it is that the relationship is what is paramount in the healing process. It is a mighty power-- human relationships-- and it has the ability to heal as well as do harm. If the therapist has a primary responsibility, I feel, it is to provide a professional relationship that is ethical, thoughtful, attentive, informed and, above all, does no harm.

What can a prospective patient expect to accomplish with psychotherapy? Typically, people seek out this professional service for either healing, change, or growth, either in their individual lives and/or in their significant relationships. For any person who has the commitment to enter psychotherapy with me, they can expect to be met by an engaged, interactive, experienced and committed partner in their journey. With time and effort put in to gain a greater understanding of their selves, how their mind works, and the dynamics of their significant relationships both past and present, they can expect their "degrees of freedom" to expand, which in turn expands their ability to make meaningful and responsible choices in their lives. I fully believe that entering into an engaged dialogue about their experiences, their belief systems, their histories and their feelings, can lead to a more secure sense of self. From this more solid foundation, one's relationships improve as well as the ability to be more effective in reaching one's goals in life.

Unfortunately, I am currently not on any insurance company plans nor do I accept assignment directly from insurance companies. I do provide my patients with a properly documented statement that they can then submit to their insurance plan and receive reimbursement directly. As a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, I am not a prescriber of medication. When medication is indicated, I do work closely with several Psychopharmacologists, coordinating care and compliance. I am an "open source" psychologist and am always willing to answer questions any of my patients may have about the process of psychotherapy.

If you wish to engage my services, I suggest you give me a call (805.252-1969) or email me (mseabaugh@mac.com) and we can arrange an initial consultation. That will give us the opportunity to meet and see if we are a match as well as to form a therapeutic plan pertaining to your particular issues.